School of Theology

Gilroy Campus

Saturday, December 3, 2022

Join us for our "Angels, Demons, Heaven and Hell" class starting Monday, September 12th at the Gilroy Campus.

As Westerners, we tend to live our lives as if the only things that matter are material. The problem is that some of the most important themes in the Bible are anything but natural. In some circles, there has been an overemphasis that looks for the devil and demons around every corner. In this elective, we will build a balanced theology of Angels, Demons, Heaven and Hell, revealing how an accurate view of the supernatural is both healthy and incredibly biblical.

Our School of Theology consists of a series of courses designed to provide deeper biblical, theological, and everyday training to our congregation.

This is a great option for those who do not have the time or resources to pursue more schooling, but are interested in developing a deeper and more robust theology.

Every year we will conduct six 5-session courses (about 12 hours per course), with each course focusing on a particular subject. Three “Foundation” courses will be offered every year, as well as three electives that will be different each year. There are no prerequisites for any course, they can be taken in any order, and there is no need to commit to anything more than one at a time.

That said, the School of Theology is designed to push you. There will be assigned work outside of class time and tests to evaluate your comprehension of course concepts, and for those willing to make the commitment, we are offering a School of Theology Certificate for successful completion of the three Foundation courses plus five electives of your choice (96 course hours).

Medical Release Required
This event requires each participant to complete the SVCC Medical Release.
Complete Medical Release
Our prayer is that SVCC will be a place where you and your family can grow and connect. No matter where you are in life, our desire is to equip you with the truth of the gospel, and provide an environment that fosters a deeper relationship with God and His Church.
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