What is Baptism?

Water baptism is both beautiful and compelling.  When we immerse ourselves in the waters of baptism, it is a public declaration that one is taking a stand for God's Kingdom, and renouncing a self-made life. It also revives in us all our own baptism experience--the day we each stood at the precipice of our own mortality, leaned out and shouted "Yes" back to Jesus.

As we all hope toward the New Creation, baptism harkens us to hear the echoes of all in the Church who have made the same declaration and encourages us that this is a life lived together in the power of His Spirit for the glory of our God.


Baptism Testimony

How & when can I get baptized?

We offer baptisms throughout the year. If you or your child is interested in being baptized, please complete a Baptism Interest Form and your campus pastor will contact you about the next available date.

South Valley Community Church