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While Sunday services at South Valley Community Church are intended for the proclamation of the gospel and the worship of our King, we recognize it can be a difficult time to meet people and develop relationships. Group life throughout the week is designed to foster these deeper relationships. One way we accomplish this is by offering sermon-based curriculum to supplement the messages from our worship services, allowing the greater church to discuss and dialog about biblical and theological truths, and to apply them in a more personal community setting. We also have groups that are designed to support people in different stages of life. Some are learning opportunities like our School of Theology, while others help those struggling with loss or addiction. Ultimately, we want to be a learning community that grows in our faith and our love for Jesus which requires us to increasingly submit all of life to the lordship of Jesus, and we are called to do this together.

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Our prayer is that SVCC will be a place where you and your family can grow and connect. No matter where you are in life, our desire is to equip you with the truth of the gospel, and provide an environment that fosters a deeper relationship with God and His Church.
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