Nigeria is the largest African nation in the world with 160 million in population. This country is plagued with HIV, human trafficking of women and children, high death rate from preventable water borne diseases, rampant poverty, and persecution and martyrdom of believers. Since 2005 SVCC has partnered with WACEM in training pastors, providing medical care, drilling wells, empowering the deaf and mute, teaching vocational skills, and other community development projects.

Our partners operate a full service non-profit hospital that is one of the best in Owerri.
Our partners host an annual Pastor’s Conference that draws thousands of pastors from all over West Africa for training and encouragement.
The hospital is the best hospital in the area for prenatal care, birthing, and infant health care.
Because we believe that the local church is the most effective and indispensable form of ministry in Nigeria, we are focused on supporting the training and encouraging of local church leaders.
The hospital is staffed with highly motivated and skilled nurses and doctors working with some of the most underserved patients in the world.
Our partners also operate a seminary, training rural and urban pastors from all over West Africa.

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